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"Camp Jubilee is an amazing place to bring kids and teens. It is an indescribable experience for people to see. Camp makes helps bring you closer to God. I look forward to going every year."

“Camp Jubilee is unique, because it’s focus is not on all the extra stuff camps offer, it’s focus is entirely on the worship of our living God. Students get to zero in on God and put away distractions. Students get called to the ministry and the mission field, and then go pursue those things when they go back home. That is why Camp Jubilee is the place to take your students!”

“Camp Jubilee holds a special place in my heart. My oldest son met Jesus at camp, and my youngest son committed his baseball career to Jesus during one of the worship services. I have accompanied numerous teens to camp over the years in ministry, and have seen them experience God on that mountain like no other place.”